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nonce, n. A sexual deviant; a person convicted of a sexual offense, esp. child abuse. (The Oxford English Dictionary)

In the summer of 1988, Min Zhu threatened to kill his fourteen year old daughter Erin, unless she gave in to his sexual advances. Min continued to rape Erin every night until the school year began. He did not want his sexual needs to interfere with his daughter’s studies. The thoughtful patriarch henceforth confined his child abuse to frequent beatings.

Erin Zhu has been telling this story since 1988 to friends and strangers, physicians and programmers, lawyers and policemen. Her serial rape accusations against her father are convincing. The evidence that supports them is compelling. In 1991, Erin publicized her story on the Usenet newsgroup alt.sexual.abuse.recovery. It remains accessible via Google search. A record of her subsequent complaints can be found in Santa Clara Superior Court case number CV809286, filed by Michael Zeleny in December of 2001 against the Zhus and WebEx for breach of contract.

Erin Zhu formed a business partnership with Michael Zeleny. Their partnership lasted from January of 1995 to January 2000. It performed many jobs commissioned by Min Zhu and his company, WebEx Communications, Inc. In 1999, Erin and Michael entered into a joint venture with WebEx. In January of 2000, WebEx reneged on their agreement.

In January of 2000, Erin Zhu made a claim for childhood sexual abuse against Min Zhu. Shortly thereafter, Min paid his daughter $300,000 in blood money. According to Erin, Min also promised to give her 500,000 shares of WebEx stock in order to settle her claim. Min meant this transfer to be secret so as to cheat Erin’s lawyer David Affeld out of his 2.5% contingency fee for representing her rape claim against him. Affeld had to sue the Zhus for his fees in Santa Clara Superior Court case number CV817300.

In January of 2001, while Min Zhu was completing his rape payoff, WebEx delivered 5,000 shares of its stock to Erin Zhu. At that time, WebEx owed 5,000 shares of its stock to Zeleny’s company. Zeleny attempted to recover this asset from WebEx. In response, he received anonymous death threats in the names of WebEx and Min Zhu. These threats recapitulated Min Zhu’s intimidation of his daughter into yielding to his sexual advances. Zeleny’s father Isaak and Affeld and his wife overheard these threats on two occasions. Min’s threats ceased as soon as Zeleny sued WebEx and the Zhus. Zeleny’s father, who supported Erin Zhu financially in her claim against Min, filed a related lawsuit against her in Santa Clara Superior Court case number CV810705.

On 11 February 2004, Zeleny’s father suffered massive burns in an apartment fire of unknown origin. He never recovered consciousness. Isaak died of his injuries on 1 March 2004. After his father’s death, Michael Zeleny went public with this story.

On 25 October 2004, the Zhus settled Zeleny’s business lawsuit against Erin. A month later, they settled Affeld’s lawsuit by paying his fee. Meanwhile, WebEx sued Zeleny in connection with his publication of this story. In its rulings the courts ordered WebEx to pay Zeleny’s attorney’s fees twice in a row, imposing sanctions for frivolous claims. Nevertheless, WebEx persisted with its defamation lawsuit against Zeleny in Los Angeles Superior Court case number BC324927.

On 2 May 2005 Zeleny protested against the coverup of Min Zhu’s rape of his daughter during the WebEx Experience in San Francisco. The next day WebEx cancelled its conference. It never held another user conference since. On 13 May 2005, after failing to get a restraining order against future protests by Zeleny, WebEx announced Min Zhu’s sudden “retirement” and his relocation to China. On 23 December 2005, following further public protests by Zeleny, WebEx dropped its bad faith lawsuit against him.

Numerous colleagues of Min Zhu contacted Zeleny since he started telling this story. They spoke of the times Min terrorized and assaulted his family and employees. They spoke of Min’s illegal exports of U.S. technology to China. They spoke of Min putting his mistress on WebEx’s payroll. They spoke of Min’s theft of his customers’ confidential information. They never doubted Min Zhu’s limitless capacity to break the law in the furtherance of his will.

Min Zhu tucked tail and fled the U.S. after being exposed as a child rapist. He operates Cybernaut China Venture, which bills itself as “Wikipedia and Internet Write to Cybernaut!

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  4. Georgianna 7 July 2013 at 19:20 · Reply

    A lot of rape victims are reluctant to prosecute because of the way that they’re treated by the police, the prosecutors, and the media – which is to say, that they’re stigmatized and victim-blamed. That’s why rape is so under-reported – because victims are so afraid that no one will believe them.

    Of course, being a chauvinist dinosaur, you probably have no idea what it’s like. Nor do you care. All that matters is you and your boring crusade.

    • admin 7 July 2013 at 19:44 · Reply

      This particular rape victim settled her claim for $100 million in exchange for turning on everyone who had assisted her along the way. And my crusade is exciting enough to elicit hysterical screeching of your kind. Thanks for your effort.

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