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tool, n “A person used by another for his own ends; one who is, or allows himself to be, made a mere instrument for some purpose; a cat’s-paw.” (The Oxford English Dictionary)

Scott Sandell is a General Partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), the outfit that bills itself as “the largest VC firm in the country”. In the Fall of 2005 Sandell announced his backing of Northern Light, a venture capital fund co-founded in China by Min Zhu. All of the following documents were brought to Sandell’s attention prior to his funding of Min Zhu.

[Min Zhu] first sexually abused [his daughter Erin] in August 1988. […] Just as [Erin] was about to fall asleep, Min Zhu slipped into bed with [Erin]. Although a brilliant student, [Erin] was naive and innocent about sexual matters. [Erin] had studied biology and was aware of the biological aspects of reproduction, but she was unaware of the “practical” aspects of sexual matters. Min Zhu was wearing shorts and a tank top/t-shirt. [Erin] was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Min Zhu removed [Erin]’s clothes and began to touch her sexually. [Erin] verbally objected to his advances but Min Zhu merely stated that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. Min Zhu proceeded to remove his clothes and forced [Erin]’s hand to touch him sexually. Min Zhu assured [Erin] that there was nothing wrong with [Erin] touching him in that way and that Min Zhu’s state of erection was normal. Min Zhu proceeded to turn on the lights, stating that he wanted to see [Erin] naked because he had never seen a virgin naked, since her mother was not a virgin when they were married. [Min Zhu] proceeded to place his hand between [Erin]’s legs and pronounced that the moisture in her vagina meant that her body was “being bad” and that she deserved to be punished. [Erin] attempted physically to refuse Min Zhu’s sexual advances. However, she was powerless to fight her father off. Min Zhu was approximately 39 years old, was a grown man in his prime, and was much larger and very much stronger than [Erin]. Min Zhu was approximately 5’11” tall and weighed approximately 160-170 pounds at that time. [Erin] was a fourteen-year-old girl, was only 5’4″ tall and weighed less 90 lbs. Min Zhu became more aggressive and mounted [Erin]. When [Erin] struggled, Min Zhu began choking and restraining [Erin] with a blanket. He threatened to kill her. [Erin] stopped fighting her father as she was physically overpowered and feared that she would be severely harmed physically. [Erin]’s fear was all the more pronounced in light of Min Zhu’s long history of domestic violence and lack of remorse or conscience. Min Zhu then proceeded to rape [Erin].
—Excerpted from the 18 January 2000 draft complaint by Erin Zhu against Min Zhu

[story of rape deleted] I am 17 too, and went through similar kind of “occurrence” when I was 14, except that it was my father rather than a stranger and it lasted a lot longer. […] My mother too is more concerned with herself (how this affects her relationship with my father) than how it hurts me. Right now it’s probably more important to find and talk to people who’d understand and help than telling your parents and getting no support from them.
Posted by (Erin Zhu) on alt.sexual.abuse.recovery on 25 Dec 91 23:17:34 GMT

In my family (very conservative Chinese), the subject of sex was utterly taboo and not ever mentioned until it became obvious that the children have had enough exposure to the culture here to have a pretty good idea of it, and then the only response was to insist that I, as a girl in danger of accidental pregnancy and so on, should never do anything as gross as that. All this was, of course, after my father oh-so-impolitely deflowered me himself. Amazing how well he was able to deceive himself about his motives and actions.
Posted by (Erin Zhu) on alt.sexual.abuse.recovery on 2 Jan 92 21:44:37 GMT

On January 19, 2000, I traveled to Palo Alto, California, to meet with Min Zhu to discuss settlement of Erin Zhu’s claims. I met them at the Gordon Biersch restaurant in Palo Alto, California. Min Zhu opened our meeting by describing to me his experiences in China during the Cultural Revolution. He stated that he and his wife had been sent to a remote camp and had had to struggle very hard just to survive. He said that he had been in many fights. He then told me he had come to this country and succeeded in building a billion dollar corporation, but if he lost it, he would not be troubled, because he had already undergone such hardships that any such loss would be nothing in comparison to what he had already suffered. He said he looked forward to a new experience, fighting in the American court system, and it could not do anything to him that could compare to what he had already endured.
—Excerpted from the Declaration of David W. Affeld in Opposition to Motions by the Zhus and WebEx

I was not born and raised a nice girl — after all I am my father’s daughter, and I inherited so much from him, his murderous rage, his overwhelming ambitions, his sarcastic contempt, his sadistic streak. I will not be a monster like my father; I am determined and sure of that much.
—Erin Zhu in an email to Blixa Bargeld, 25 Nov 99 20:14:42 PST

the summer when I was fourteen, my father suddenly changed his tune when my mother left for an extended visit to China. he took off my clothes, praised my naked form held up to a bathroom mirror, and devoured my body with his lust. I wanted to die; I tried to kill. I did not succeed in either.
—Erin Zhu in an email to Blixa Bargeld, 27 Dec 99 13:40:45 PST

Erin Zhu’s public complaints against her father can be accessed via Google Usenet search for the terms “Erin Zhu sexual abuse”. Other quotations are matters of public record in Santa Clara Superior Court case 1-02-CV-809286, Zeleny v. Zhu & WebEx. In November 2003, Erin corroborated these allegations under oath, testifying in deposition that her father Min, then President and CTO of WebEx Communications, had molested her when she was 14 years old. On 13 May 2005, after a public protest of its association with Min Zhu by Michael Zeleny, WebEx announced that Zhu was stepping down and “retiring” to China. In the wake of his public disgrace, Sandell funded Zhu with capital entrusted to him by his investors. Thanks to Sandell, NEA investors entrusted their money to a notorious daughter rapist. Gross ethical negligence of this order has no place in American business.





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