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tool, n. “A person used by another for his own ends; one who is, or allows himself to be, made a mere instrument for some purpose; a cat’s-paw.” (The Oxford English Dictionary)

In March of 1999, Subrah Iyar, co-founder of WebEx Communications with Min Zhu, entered into a joint venture agreement with Min’s daughter Erin and her business partner Michael Zeleny. In January of 2000, WebEx reneged on the deal. When Zeleny served him a reminder of the duty that WebEx and the Zhus owed to their joint venture, Subrah snubbed his attempts to settle their differences amicably. Before Zeleny could file his legal complaint, he received anonymous death threats in the names and on the behalves of Subrah’s partner Min Zhu, and Subrah’s company WebEx. According to Erin Zhu, her father had used similar language against her eleven years earlier, to force her to submit to his sexual advances. This time around, the names of Subrah’s partner and their company was meant to elicit Zeleny’s submission, echoing the terms previously used by Min to have his way with his daughter.

Subrah Iyar appears to have been complicit in the threats. At the time Zeleny was ordered not to “fuck with WebEx” on pain of imminent death, Subrah was the only adverse party who knew of Zeleny’s claims against his company. Since 2002, Subrah had to face increasingly compelling evidence that Min Zhu, his business partner and direct subordinate, was an incestuous rapist responsible for crimes committed in the name and on behalf of WebEx. Subrah discharged due diligence owed to WebEx’s shareholders by asking Min for the Bart Simpson defense: “I didn’t do it, no one saw me do it, you can’t prove anything!” Under Subrah’s guidance WebEx filed sworn corporate declarations claiming that there was “absolutely no truth” to the allegations that Min had raped his daughter seven years prior to its founding. On Subrah’s watch the Zhus used WebEx’s corporate assets as hush money to buy Erin Zhu’s silence about her father’s crimes. Subrah’s corporate leadership enabled the Zhus to use WebEx’s corporate counsel in defending against Zeleny’s claims made against them as individuals, independently of their connection with WebEx. Throughout litigation, Zeleny gave Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu ample opportunities to make amends for mayhem perpetrated in their names, on their behalves, and by their side. Instead of doing so, the boss closed ranks with the perp. Their lawyers tried to intimidate Zeleny’s lawyer David Affeld by advising him to “weigh the wisdom of serving as [Zeleny’s] amanuensis.” They warned Zeleny that his lawsuit would destroy the lives of his family. Subrah and Min declined to repudiate these threats even after Zeleny’s father, plaintiff in a related lawsuit, perished in an apartment fire of unknown and suspicious origin.

On Subrah Iyar’s orders, WebEx sued Zeleny for claiming that that WebEx diverted shareholder assets to cover up Min Zhu’s rape of his daughter. In the course of this lawsuit, WebEx was twice sanctioned for bad faith pleadings and was twice ordered to pay Zeleny’s attorney’s fees. As a result of Zeleny’s 2005 protest against its employment of Min Zhu, WebEx cancelled its User Conference at Westin St. Francis in San Francisco. Soon thereafter, WebEx dropped its lawsuit against Zeleny, tacitly admitting the truth of his allegations. These losses represent shareholder assets squandered on covering up child rape. Subrah Iyar continued to cover up Min Zhu’s child rape for three years, until Zeleny’s public protest made this coverup unbearable. Then the head honcho permitted the child rapist to “retire” in good standing, to found another business with capital furnished by WebEx’s board member, venture capitalist Scott Sandell.

Having served as the Chief Executive Officer of WebEx and the Chairman of its board throughout this fiasco, Subrah bears personal responsibility for the failed coverup of Min Zhu’s child rape. Having been repeatedly confronted with complaints by Erin Zhu and WebEx employees who had found themselves on the receiving end of Min Zhu’s violent outbursts, Subrah evinced bad faith in undertaking this coverup and mounting a costly, vicious, and mendacious defense against Zeleny’s rightful claims. A man of his turpitude has no place in the upper echelons of American business. In 2007, Cisco Systems purchased WebEx Communications. Subrah Iyar, the executive who knowingly sided with a child molester and allowed him to divert WebEx’s corporate assets to cover up his crime, continues to serve as Cisco’s Chief Strategy Officer. He continues to oversee the operations of WebEx. His subordinates continue attempts to whitewash his coverup of child rape. His alliance with violent pedophile Min Zhu has defined Subrah’s professional character. The United States makes no distinction between those who commit acts of terror and those who support and harbor them. Neither should Cisco Systems.


Following in the footsteps of his daughter raping partner Min Zhu, Subrah Iyar credits his daughters Leena and Nikhita with inspiring his current business venture. Five years ago, Iyar vowed not to waste any time getting to know his daughters better now that his workflow has leveled off. Which brings us to the question: How much “better” did Subrah get to know his daughters before pumping up his workflow?




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